Pigeon Analysis – Orlando City

NYCFC Fans have it tough out here.

NYCFC came out with a 2 – 2 Draw, where given by the possession stats, it seemed that they were going with a complete different approach.


Using a 4-1-4-1 Formation, it was an unconventional formation for NYCFC. Given the width of the field, it made sense to have 4 in the back and 4 in attack, but Sands had to do a lot in the midfield. Counter attacking seemed to have been the key focus in this lineup, with less then 41% of Possession.

The LB and RB were essentially neutralized in the last game, giving Orlando City more control of the tempo of the game, especially the second half.

Positioning and Passing


Through the attack, a lot of it happened through the Right Side, where Ben Sweat was positioned. Subsequently, that same press was coming towards Tinnerholm as well.

Overall, while there were few passes, we have been more aware about doing Long Balls and creating multiple opportunities through that.


Matarrita has been out shortly after Pre-Season, giving fans a bit of worry for the Left-Back position.