State of the City – Striker Edition

NYCFC finished their last Pre-Season game with a 2 – 0 Win over Nashville SC. While that may be good at the current moment, especially with the last few games ending in Losses (2 – 1 Loss to Orlando City, 2 – 0 Loss to FC Coppenhagen) and Draw (1 – 1 to AIK) there is still a lot to of work to be done this week, in order to come against a rather strong Orlando City on March 2nd.


Alexandru Mitrita: With the exception of Maxi Moralez in the last game against Nashville SC, Miti has been the only player in NYCFC that has scored goals.

And they have been stunners for sure.

He has the cool, collected energy that we need in the Mid Field. Able to work through the ball and give the Midfield/Defenders a hard time, resulting in fouls from the opposition.

Ben Sweat: Whatever Dome Torrent told him to work on during the Off-season looked like it paid off dividends. His passing has improved (albeit the own goal against Minnesota)

Jonathan Lewis: It was Nashville SC vs Lewis for the majority of the first half. He had good fouls called, but when given a great pass from Ben Sweat, he kicked in such a weird way, that we all just stared in awe.

Granted, while being a striker is not a comfortable position for him, we can expect to see these moments of genius with Lewis, especially if he is focused as Winger.


Alexandru Mitrita: Funny how even the positives can also be the negatives (at least in this case, an opportunity). Mitrita may not have had enough Gel time with Maxi in the Midfield. Often times passes were missed, due to miscommunication and resulted in quick counter attacks from the opposition, notably Nashville SC.

He doesn’t seem to have the pace yet or the right spacing yet. It could be just the lack of chemistry within the team, which they will have plenty of time to perfect that throughout this season.

Maxi Moralez: Something that I’ve mentioned before is that if Maxi is ever silenced in the midfield (can’t get a hold of the ball/1 v 2 settings), he will be negated and the flow of attack will be stunted (no pun intended). Nashville SC did a good job of holding down Maxi from pretty much doing anything. Of course given the space, he can do great things (Orlando City Goal was superb)

Jesus Medina: He just seemed utterly lost and had no real control of the ball whenever he got a hold of it. A lot of the passes were towards the left side (where Lewis was) and maybe about 4 – 5 passes to Medina that ended up being given to Nashville SC.

No Striker?

A week ago, Dome Torrent said that within a few days to a week, we would have a new Striker that would be a part of the Club. Currently at the time of writing, we have no center forward. Both Maxi and Miti have been the only ones that have been able to see the back of the net. But what happens on an off day for both of them? What happens when teams start to realize that once the Midfield is neutralized, who can score?

We still have potent power from ITS, and if Medina can get back to scoring ways, this may be important, but right now its a gamble that Dome and NYCFC cannot afford to test. With less then a week away from the Opening Game, it seems unlikely that a Striker can head to NYCFC.